Is the chief executive of Stoke City Council worth a pay rise?

I hear a rumour that that Stoke City Council’s chief executive may be about to get a pay rise. He has, apparently, had a review and believes he is worth it. I stress this is just a rumour, but if true, it is deeply offensive and an insult to both council staff and to the people of this city.

In a time of unprecedented cuts to public services, and where council staff have had a pay freeze for three (soon to be four) years, is such a rise appropriate? Especially in such a deprived city? That, to use a modern phrase, has to be a no-brainer.

If this turns out to be true, the chief should lead by example and refuse it. In fact, he should go further, and take a pay cut. After all, he is on more than £220,000 with pay and benefits, so it’s not as if he can’t afford it. For him to accept a pay rise, it will make the council look even worse than it did in the recent BBC documentary, and bolster the impression that they are out of touch.



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