Does Lady Thatcher deserve a state funeral?

I believe it’s been decided that Lady Thatcher is to receive a state funeral when she finally shuffles off. My first reaction was disbelief: what has done to deserve such an honour? I suppose you could argue that Prime Ministers are more deserving of one as they have at least been elected, in contrast to the royals. The last Prime Minister to be so honoured was Churchill, which is not surprising given his role as leader during WW2 when the country faced a very real threat to its existence. But Mrs Thatcher? I hardly think they’re in the same league.

She was and remains a very divisive figure. She is responsible for introducing the economic policies that impoverished large parts of the country and led to the mess we are in now. She began the process of dismantling the public sector, undermining workers’ rights, impoverishing the poor and making the rich richer still, the list is endless. Does such a person deserve a state funeral? I think not.


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