Is the Labour Party fit to call itself Labour anymore?

I hear that the Labour Party leadership ordered their MPs to abstain in the vote on the government’s hasty reform of the workfare scheme today. Well done those who defied this dictat and voted against, but sadly you were in the minority. The majority clearly think that it’s OK for the unemployed to be forced to work without being paid. Sadly I’m not surprised. Ed Miliband, after all, failed to support public sector workers when they decided to strike over pensions. He and his ilk seem more concerned to avoid bad publicity from the Daily Mail and other right-wing rags than in speaking up for working people and the poor. The people most likely to vote for his party. Shame he seems to have forgotten that. I joined the party because I thought it was the best chance to oppose this foul government and to have a fair alternative. It seems I was mistaken.


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