Cynicism Rules

What happened last week in Woolwich was a brutal and revolting act. However, I’m disgusted by the breathtaking cynicism of the government in using this as an excuse to force through the communication bill (aka the snooper’s charter). It’s vital for national security and for our protection, they say. Yes, in just the same way that I.D. cards were: they have them in Spain and it didn’t prevent the Madrid bombings.

I find this cynicism utterly repellent, and I think it also dishonours the memory of Lee Rigby. Each time a terrorist outrage happens, the government take advantage of public disgust to introduce even more anti-democratic and intrusive measures. I have said it before and will repeat it here: our freedoms are being steadily eroded in the name of security. These freedoms have been hard won over centuries, and are too important to be casually cast aside. They are what set us apart from the terrorists. We should be clinging more tightly to our values not throwing them away. That is doing the terrorists’ work for them.

This can be demonstrated by the Abu Qatada case. A vile preacher of hate who should have been deported long ago. However, the fact that this has been taken through the courts shows that our way is superior: we have given him due process of law. This is only right. It shows we are better than the terrorists. We should remember this as we let the government cynically abandon our freedoms. Yes, we are letting it happen. Wake up Britain, and complain. While you still can.


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