Less Clutter Please

The Nottinghamshire village with eight speed limits

I came across this report today. I’ve driven that way a few times now and it certainly is confusing. It’s the only place that is. I often despair at what seem to be pointless speed restrictions that change every few yards. Worse is the proliferation of utterly pointless signs that are just a distraction, nothing more. For example, signs that tell you which council area you are in (Cheshire East Welcomes You; Hyndburn, An Excellent Council; Staffordshire, The Creative County); that tell you how many deaths or casualties there have been in the last few years (Cheshire seem to like these); that tell you to drive carefully or kill your speed not the children; to Think Bike; the big motorway signs that tell you to never drink and drive or to not hog the middle lane.

I think all such signs should be banned as they are a distraction. I don’t care which council area I’m driving through, don’t want to know their stupid mission statements or what towns they are twinned with, don’t want to know how many deaths there have been on this road (do these signs get updated?). Do they really think a sign telling someone to drive carefully will have any effect? I hate to think how much all this pointless clutter costs. I would rather see the money spent on more speed repeater signs, especially where you’re being threatened with so-called “safety” cameras (Beware, Thieves Operating in this Area would be more appropriate). In my view, unless a sign is telling you something useful, it shouldn’t be there at all. There’s a lot of traffic on the roads these days so there should be less to distract drivers, not more. The sign issue should be addressed before any further reductions in speed limits are imposed.

Written in a layby on the A50

46 Casualties in 3 years
On a big red sign
He took his eyes from the road to read.

The last thing he saw.
Now the sign
Is out of date.


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2 Responses to “Less Clutter Please”

  1. Jacki Says:

    I agree with all you say!

    Personally I think they should give us more signs to tell us what the speed limit actually is, rather than no end of stupid signs like those you’ve highlighted. I have often driven for miles wondering what the speed limit was… And someone to clean these signs, and cut back hedges, etc that obscure them would go some way towards this.

    oh and while we’re on the subject, putting the speed limit on the back of the camera box you are approaching would help considerably!

  2. Jacki Says:

    LOL – just remembered something – the Cheshire sign used to read ‘Cheshire welcomes carefull drivers’ and there were sooo many complaints about spelling, so they had to put it right, charged to the taxpayers, no doubt.

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