A Reduction Too Far

I read in yesterday’s Sentinel that the speed limit over the last mile of the A500 near Hanford is to be reduced to 50mph. I’m not surprised at this, but it’s an over-reaction. Yes, there have been accidents, but the lay by where the accidents occurred has been closed for a long time. The other reason given is that this section of the road is unlit. Well, if you join the M6 there, it too is unlit. What next, I wonder, reduce speeds on unlit motorways to 50mph too? Or turn off the lights to save money and reduce the speeds too? At this rate we’ll soon be doing 30 mph everywhere. Slower speeds mean more congestion and so more pollution.

This is yet another example of nanny state interference. We are no longer allowed to use our brains, or apply common sense. They have to do it for us, all for our own good you understand. Actually, no I don’t. This is exemplified by a government proposal to allow councils to apply more 50mph limits on single carriageway “A” roads because of sharp bends etc. They have obviously forgotten something. The speed limit is the maximum allowed, it doesn’t mean you have to drive at it regardless. Take a road like the A534 between Nantwich and Wrexham. This has frequent sharp bends, and the speed limit is 60mph. Yet only an idiot would drive at that speed in those conditions. Of course there are idiots, but I don’t see why the rest of us should be made to drive more slowly because of them.

You can already see this in Derbyshire. They have a blanket 50mph limit on all their “A” roads. If you drive up the A53 from Leek, as soon as you cross the border down comes the speed. And they have plastered “think bike” signs everywhere. My response to this is that bikers should think car: most bikers I’ve seen ride like morons. It’s all for our safety you know, there are signs that say so, so it must be true. Well allow me to retort. Safety is a convenient catch-all excuse. Those in authority who decide these things don’t care about our safety: they’re terrified of being sued. And there’s the nub of the problem. The nanny knows best infantilism of it all repels me. I’m 44 and can make up my own mind about what is safe thank you very much. I don’t need some bureaucrat or do-gooding councillor to decide for me.


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One Response to “A Reduction Too Far”

  1. Elias T Says:

    Have deleted a comment in error so I repost it here

    I quite agree! If they spent the money they currently spend on useless FYI signs, and expensive meetings to decide road speeds, etc., they could afford to make the roads much safer – just by repairing the potholes.

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