You Must Not Meekly Think Of Flight

I had the idea for this recently, using Dylan Thomas’ masterful “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” as a template. This is the second complete draft, but still needs some work I think. (Thanks to my former tutor Geoff for some suggestions). My first attempt at a villanelle.

You must not meekly think of flight
Nor run and run until you die –
But seethe and burn against others’ spite.

You’re no rabbit caught in a headlight
Though your mind may go awry,
Do not yield when you know you’re right.

To shout and scream, no aim in sight
Creates no cause to edify
When you should burn against others’ spite.

When the world is full of those who indict
You of crimes you’re forbidden to deny,
Hold firm for you are in the right.

You must keep silent, plan before you fight,
Take slow aim with careful eye
Then burn anew against others’ spite.

Don’t speak in anger nor in haste write
But keep your head and never cry
For you know one day you’ll be proved right
After years of boiling against others’ spite.


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