If People Had Brains, They’d Be Dangerous

There has always been a lot of crap spoken about the benefits system. Treating and portraying claimants as scroungers is nothing new, but this government has plumbed new depths.The most depressing aspect of it is just how effective their loathsome propaganda has been. Iain Duncan Smith and his vile acolytes have played a very crude Machiavellian game: scroungers vs strivers, workers vs the unemployed, able-bodied vs the disabled etc etc. Whenever I hear someone pontificating about benefits, my heart sinks. What I hear is the sort of nonsense that comes straight out of a Daily Mail editorial: they’re all lazy bastards and scroungers who want a free ride; they could get a job if they really wanted one, etc. If only life were so simple as this crude Manicheanism suggests. Dr Goebbels would be so proud.

I absolutely deplore the government’s policy as it attacks the poorest in society. That is bad enough. What makes it truly disgusting is the demonisation, and worse still, that so many people believe it and believe it uncritically. As if one bad example can be made an exemplar for all claimants. Sometimes the general stupidity of people depresses me. God gave you brains, you morons, how about using them for once?


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