Advertising: Polluting the Parts other Poisons Cannot Reach

I have always loathed advertising. Even when I was young, the prospect of adverts would put me off watching ITV. And back then, there were only two ad breaks an hour. When I got a TV with a remote, as soon as ads came on, I’d turn the sound off; and when I got a VCR, ads would be fast-forwarded. To this day, I will not listen to commercial radio. I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve bought something because of an ad. And even then, I’ve always felt a lingering shame that I let myself be persuaded.

I don’t know if it’s down to age, but ads seem far too ubiquitous now. I don’t watch much TV (and most of that is the BBC), so most ads I come across are via the net. If the net were not so bound up with life now, I would stop using it. And advertisers know this. I especially hate so-called “targeted ads” that “they” think might be of interest to me. Well, just who the fuck do “they” think they are? I am most definitely NOT interested, and I will not buy anything from such ads on principle.

Now I know businesses need to advertise in order to make money. It’s all part of that overpaid and under-scrupulous practice called marketing. It’s just become too prevalent. The two ad breaks an hour on commercial TV became three and then four, and I won’t be surprised if this is relaxed yet again. This is one reason I won’t buy more TV channels. Sorry, but if I have to pay extra for something, I don’t want it cluttered and polluted with ads. I may sometimes complain about the licence fee, but if it’s a toss-up between that and ads on the BBC, I know what I will choose.

What this really demonstrates is that it’s business that rules the world. Politicians, regardless of party, are the all too willing slaves of business. What souls they had were sold to Mammon years ago. Along with our services and a lot of our rights. Nothing can now be allowed to hinder business, regardless of how unethically or criminally it behaves. What the solution to this is I do not know. Just how do you escape from something that has become as common as air?


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One Response to “Advertising: Polluting the Parts other Poisons Cannot Reach”

  1. Jacki Says:

    Although I agree, I have reservations… some ads are incredibly entertaining, like the Evian roller babies ads – I love ’em! Ads are ok, some are informative, some are infuriating, some (like the current toothpaste ads re. bleeding gums) are stomach turning! What I find more irritating is the current plethora of advertising channels, selling cheap stuff for a fortune. I know several people who have been persuaded to buy things they didn’t really need from these channels. But at least in this case, you don’t have to watch them!

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