Osborne’s Offence is Rank, it Smells to Heaven

In a particularly loathsome cabinet, George Osborne has to be the most loathsome. That horrible self-satisfied, smug smile makes me want to punch him repeatedly. Here we have a multi-millionaire, someone who has no idea whatsoever about how the poor live, how the unemployed live, how anyone on benefits lives. Since this revolting plutocratic cabal took power in 2010, we have seen an unremitting attack on welfare recipients. As I said in a previous post, this is nothing new, but Cameron et al have really got into the gutter. And today Osborne sinks to new levels, even by his noisome standards.

The government’s much vaunted work programme has been shown to have failed, and failed utterly. For all the vast amounts spent on it, vanishingly small numbers were found jobs. Yet, the unemployed (I refuse to use the term “job-seeker”) have been forced into unpaid so-called “work placements”. But, cries Osborne, they’re not unpaid, they still get their dole money. If you apply that logic, that means they are being “paid” considerably less than the minimum wage, which is illegal. If they have to do this work, then pay them the going rate. The government were found to have acted illegally, yet they rushed through a new law to prevent those affected being compensated, with the collusion of Labour. Shame on all of them.

But I digress. The new rank depths he has sunk to were revealed today. He wants to extend the failed programme. To do so in denial of the facts shows it’s got nothing whatever to do with helping people into work, and more to do with punishing them for being out of work. Punishing them for being victims of this government’s policies. It’s got more to do with sounding good to the morons who read the Daily Mail and The Sun. Continuing with the blanket stigmatisation of anyone on benefits regardless of the fact that about half such recipients are in work, and that most people signing on would rather be working. To listen to Osborne, you would think those of us claiming have got a nice easy life. Apparently, we’re all on benefits as a life style choice. Really? I’d like to see Osborne try it; would like to see him living in a council flat in Meir or Middlesbrough, having to trek several miles on expensive buses to sign on (and he wants to make this weekly, or even more frequent!); with poor and declining local services. Let’s see how he likes it. But of course, the bully seldom gets a taste of his own medicine.

Even the DWP have admitted the programme has failed. The Right and the ignorant pontificators always fall back onto their old lie that there are jobs out there if only these lazy sods would take them. That is demonstrably untrue. I’ve said it before, and will doubtless have to do so again: there are two and a half million unemployed and only half a million vacancies at any given time. Do the fucking maths.

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One Response to “Osborne’s Offence is Rank, it Smells to Heaven”

  1. Jacki Says:

    Well said. Send a version to the Daily Mail letters dept or something. You should be writing these for payment at a newspaper somewhere. New Statesman springs to mind!

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