The Politics of the Sewer

As anyone who has read this blog will know (and I thank you all for taking the time), I haven’t always agreed with Ed Miliband. Today, however, he has my complete sympathy. The Daily Mail’s disgusting attempt to smear his late father is beneath contempt and I’m not going to repeat the lies here. Character assassination of politicians is sadly nothing new, and while I agree that they should be held to account, this should be on policy not personality. To descend to that means you have nothing worth saying: if you did, you would say it rather than making personal attacks.

However, to attack a member of a politician’s family, especially one who is dead, is truly dispicable. This isn’t the gutter, this is the politics of the sewer. I applaud Miliband for deciding to attack the paper rather than remaining silent as other politicians have. The Mail printed his response, but reproduced their original lies in the same issue. This tells you all you need to know about that paper and its editor Paul Dacre. If the Daily Mail is supposed to represent what is decent in Britain, then we really have fallen a very long way indeed.


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