Review: Warship, a Blake’s 7 audio, Big Finish Productions, 2013

Big Finish, perhaps best known for their Doctor Who audio adventures, have now started producing audios for Blake’s 7. Warship written by Peter Anghelides is the first full cast story. Set between the end of the second TV series and the start of the third, we see Blake, who has spent the first two series trying to fight the brutal dictatorship of the Federation now having to ally himself with it in the face of a greater threat.

I was keen to hear the cast reprise their roles and I was not disappointed. They step back into their characters effortlessly, and though some voices have changed over time, they’re instantly recognisable. It’s a good, well-paced story that gives every character plenty to do. In the absence of Peter Tuddenham (who sadly passed away in 2007) the voices of computers Zen and Orac are ably voiced by sound designer Alistair Lock. The only things that jarred (and then only a little) were that the original sound effects could not be used for copyright reasons, and Vila’s constant grumbling.

These minor niggles aside, this is a very good story and I will look forward to future releases with eager anticipation.


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