Diary of a Benefit Striver #3: Punctuality

I’ve always prided myself on my punctuality. I hate being late. Years of relying on public transport have made me something of a stickler for being on time, plus I think it’s only polite. Of course, things beyond my control can always intervene, but that’s life.

When I started signing on again, they made great play that I must be on time. I always am, I thought, with some irritation, I’m not a fool. It’s a shame that injunction doesn’t apply to them. They have never been on time, not once. Hanley Job Centre excelled themselves in incompetence today. I turned up promptly to sign, and had the usual ritual wait at the Welcome Desk. I then had to stand for almost half-an-hour (with at least twenty others) before they got round to calling me. No apology of course, I know better than to expect one.

This simply isn’t good enough. I don’t care if they think we unemployed have nothing better to do with our time, this is incompetence plain and simple. And it’s rude. Just because I’m claiming a benefit doesn’t mean I should be treated without courtesy, dignity or respect. I will be transferring the claim back to Longton Job Centre as soon as I can.

My arrival time: 10.03
Appointment Time: 10.10
Time seen: 10.35
Mins Late: 25


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