Maria Miller Must Resign

I was disgusted, but in no way surprised, that Maria Miller has kept her ministerial job despite effectively fiddling expenses. She misclaimed several thousand pounds and obstructed the enquiry, yet has got away with a slapped wrist: an insincere “apology” (that lasted all of 30 seconds) and repaying some of the money.

Once again, it’s clear a different rule applies to MPs. If Joe Public had done anything similar – especially if it involved a benefit claim – they would almost certainly have been prosecuted and probably sent to prison. Am I naive for expecting high standards of our elected rulers? The fact that she remains both minister and MP shows you can lie and fiddle, and it’s perfectly OK, as long as you’re a politician. She should not only lose her ministerial post, but her parliamentary seat as well. And politicians wonder why they are held in such low esteem. It’s time to wake up and smell the sleaze.



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