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Special Relationship? More Like Special Needs.


I’ve always been sceptical about the so-called “special relationship” between Britain and the USA. It’s obvious to anyone with eyes that it’s always been more special to the British than the Yanks. “It’s our common language, shared values and history” its proponents say. Nonsense. Sure, it used to be a British colony, but that was over 200 years ago and the America then bears as much resemblance to today’s America as an amoeba to a dog. And as for the language and culture, don’t make me laugh.

Our politicians cling to this “special relationship” to feel important, hoping some of the power and influence will rub off; the class wimp hanging round with the bully. A former great power that has never really accepted its loss of that status, that the world moved on a long time ago. Look at Thatcher’s adulation of that old fool Reagan; Blair’s sycophancy towards Bush. For the Americans, it’s all about self-interest. By slavishly obeying their orders, our government is not acting in the interests of Britain. Has our involvement in their wars made us safer? No.

We are the lamp post to their dog, little better than a giant aircraft carrier (how prescient of George Orwell to call Britain Airstrip One in his novel Nineteen Eighty Four). It makes me want to vomit. To be allies, even friends is one thing, but we should be sceptical and critical. Our politicians need to grow some balls and put our interests first.

The relationship can be simply summed up:

American President: Jump!

British PM: Yes sir, how high? And may I kiss your arse too?



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