Back On The Road

This isn’t the post I was originally going to write, but events have got in the way. And the event in question is that I lost my job today, quite unexpectedly.

To begin at the beginning:

I started the job in May, job share 3 days a week, fixed term to Jan 2015. Most of what I did was creating fire certificates based on engineers’ timesheets. Straightforward stuff. At that time, these were at least 2 months behind. Once I’d been shown how to do it, I was left to get on with it., which is how I like to work. Anything I was unsure of, I asked. At NO time did anyone say I was doing anything wrong. Never once.

As of now, the fire certs are up to date, and have been for several weeks. I’ve been waiting for new stuff to come in, often casting around for things to do, so I’d ask and gladly do whatever was asked of me.

Last week I got a letter inviting me to a meeting, ostensibly to do with the 6 month probationary period. Alarm bells rang, both from the tone of the letter and the fact I’d been there only 4 months. So I asked the senior admin officer (who I sat beside) if it was anything to worry about. He said he didn’t know what the meeting was about.

The lie was quickly given to that at the meeting. He said had concerns about how little I was doing compared to the person I job share with, plus that I’d been seen staring at the screen.

Well, I said, this is the first I’ve heard of any problems, others have said I was doing a good job. And any staring at the screen would have been my waiting for a certificate to be uploaded to their system.

They accepted none of this, offered no evidence to back up their assertions, and terminated my contract there and then.

He then asked if I had anything to say.

“What would be the point?” I said, and threw my badge across the table.

And my view?

It was an excuse. If my work was really that much of a problem, I would have expected someone to have said something about it by now. Even the awful Serco-Peterborough did that. The certs are now up to date, in contrast to when I started, and I can easily take most of the credit for that. Plus I noticed the job share often didn’t complete the spreadsheet properly: I lost count of the number of times I corrected it. I didn’t say anything as I don’t like dobbing people in it.

So my conscience is clear. I worked hard and didn’t dawdle. To be frank, I could do the job blindfolded, with one hand tied behind my back.

The senior lied to my face. The two faced little cunt should go far. It’s horrible to think that you have to be that sort of person to get on in the world, but it seems to be true. It’s also a stark demonstration of just how poor worker’s rights are in this bloody country.


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