Why Stoke City Council is Wrong About HS2

Stoke-on-Trent City Council wants the city to have a station on HS2. It is spending several million pounds of our money trying to persuade the government to re-route the line so it serves the city rather then Crewe. However persuasive the economic arguments may be, they miss one blindingly obvious fact a glance at a railway map will reveal. The reasons for routing the line through Crewe have nothing to do with the size of the town. Crewe is a major railway junction, Stoke is not. That is fact and can’t be avoided, regardless of how much wishful thinking the council employs. It would be better occupied lobbying to get better services from Stoke to connect with the line (start with redoubling the single track route between Alsager and Crewe) and for Stoke to retain a good fast service to London.

Tory austerity has wreaked a terrible toll on an already deprived city. Wasting money on idiotic schemes like this helps no one, especially its hard pressed residents. It’s high time the Council woke up and faced facts.


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2 Responses to “Why Stoke City Council is Wrong About HS2”

  1. Jaeger Le Coultre Says:

    Fair point even though Stoke station takes more money than Crewe. As for maintaining a fast service between S-O-T and the “big smoke” journey times seem to be getting slower. Two or three years ago the fastest non stop London to Stoke was one hour 24 now this appears to one hour 25. Over the last two or three tears I have used VT around ten times between Stoke and London and the majority of these have been late especially the London to Stoke journey which quite often gets held up at Colwich (once we had to wait for two freight trains to pass before we could join the Stoke line) and almost always at Stone to allow the Cross Country into the Station first.

  2. Jaeger Le Coultre Says:

    Correction to above. The non stops from London to Stoke appear to be all one hour 24 again now although in practice this seems to be rarely achieved.

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