Reply to the Lies

Every time you go to work you leave a democracy and enter a dictatorship”. Nick Cohen.


This is the text of the letter I sent to my former employer today. The only change is that I’ve removed names.

I am not going to dignify the “appeal procedure” by using it as it was clear from the tenor of the meeting on 15 September that the outcome was a foregone conclusion. However, I do have a few comments.

I found the conduct of the meeting by both the administrator and the HR officer to be both mendacious and patronising. I find the allegation that I was under-performing to be incredible. If I really had been slower than “the other person doing the job” as alleged then I would have expected it to have been raised earlier and a chance given to improve.

I’m afraid I find it necessary to state the blindingly obvious: when I started in May 2014 fire certificates were in backlog. They no longer are. Indeed, for the last few weeks I had been asking for other work to do while waiting for new ones to arrive. If I had been as slow as alleged, I doubt the backlog would have been cleared.

For you to state in the letter received on 22 September that you “listened carefully to what I had to say” is insulting as you demonstrably did not. As I’ve stated, it was obvious to anyone with eyes that the outcome had already been decided. Until the 15th, I was actually enjoying the job and a number of people had been kind enough to compliment me on my work. Not what I would expect from someone under-performing.

The administrator’s hypocrisy is breathtaking. When I received the letter inviting me to the meeting, I asked him about it and he said he didn’t know what it was about. There’s a word for that sort of thing: it’s called lying.

Yours In Disgust etc


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2 Responses to “Reply to the Lies”

  1. Colin Smith Says:

    I hope you manage to find something soon that suits your skills and ability. Sounds like you are better off away from those “back stabbers”.


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