On The Bridge over the Towy

Sunset stripes Carmarthen sky,
A molten westward glow
Leaching the river
Swift beneath the bridge,
Rock shadows on mud
Where herons stand by day.
Dusk cloaks me,
I want no one to see me,
No one to notice,
No one to laugh,
No one to point,
I want to be ignored,
I don’t want to be in the papers,
Don’t want to be on TV,
Alone is best,
Here on this bridge,
Just me and the sky
And the river,
Just a man in the dark
Far from home, but that’s OK,
No one can touch me,
This is my port, my anchorage,
Mines laid, lock gates closed,
I have the quay to myself.

On a train between Carmarthen & Swansea, 12/10/14


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