Schools Scared of Islam Deny the Holocaust

I understand that some schools and universities have stopped teaching about the Holocaust. Apparently they don’t want to risk offending Muslims or be accused of Islamaphobia. Labelling someone an islamaphobe or racist has become a lazy way of stopping debate and blackening the reputations of those who disagree with you. And it’s one that is used far too often, even by people who regard themselves as enlightened and egalitarian.

However, to not teach the Holocaust is a denial of history. Holocaust denial is a staple of the neo-Nazi far right, and of Islamist extremists. It’s sickening that liberals, who rightly condemn the neo-Nazis, fail to condemn the Islamists, whose racist, homophobic and misogynistic ideology places them firmly on the far-right. In fact, they frequently ally themselves with islamist groups, and label anyone who disagrees with them as racist and islamaphobic.

I am neither, but I do not, and never would, deny the Holocaust. The gutlessness of these schools and universities disgusts me. It’s time the authorities took a long and very hard look at themselves. Islamism is a revolting ideology that has no respect for any of the values liberals purport to stand for. To deny the Holocaust makes them cowards at best and fascist fellow travellers at worst. They should be ashamed.


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