Women Bishops? About Bloody Time.

It’s good that the Church of England has finally consecrated its first woman bishop, a mere 20 or so years after women were allowed to be priests.

Shame someone protested at the ceremony, and on the dubious grounds that such things “are not in the Bible”. Just like bishops generally, churches, and rather a lot of what the Church does in ceremony and so on. I’m sure the objector – a vicar himself – would not wish to see some things that are in the Bible, such as stoning stoning people to death, crucifixions, or daughters getting their father drunk and having sex with him. It’s no wonder the Church is considered an irrelevance by many, with so many reactionaries in its ranks, clinging to the morality of 2000 years ago.

Yet even as it did something progressive and forward looking, in the same week it also consecrated another reactionary as a bishop to minister to those who won’t accept the change. I can’t help but wonder if this attempt to “be all things to all men”, in the name of unity, is ultimately doomed. If the Church wishes to be modern and forward thinking, then it should declare itself as such. And the reactionaries can leave and form their own church, much good may it do them. I suspect however, the Church will try and muddle on as it always has, while the rest of us will look on as it argues with itself on complete irrelevances.


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