Pro-Business? No Thanks.

Now we are are again into the long tedious run up to an election. All the usual Daily Mail nonsense is getting thrown around about immigration, benefit scroungers, the EU etc etc, yawn yawn.

In addition to having to be tough on immigrants and the poor, politicians have to be pro-business. Business creates jobs you see, it’s so much better than the nasty, union-infested public sector, filled as it is by overpaid lazy jobsworths. It must be comforting so see life in such simple terms.

All pro-business means to me is removing all regulation and law that protects workers, the environment, or makes it pay tax. Allowing it to do with the hell it likes with absolutely no come back, in other words. (Funny how businesses gets away with millions in tax avoidance but if some poor sod allegedly commits benefit fraud, they go to jail. Who are the real scroungers here?)

And politicians go along with this, surrendering more and more of their power to unelected and unaccountable business. Who do you think really benefits from selling off public services so cheaply? Not us taxpayers that’s for sure. Politicians are put there by us to represent us, to look after our interests and the country’s interests. Yet they sell themselves to business, regardless of our interests or the country’s. Well, there’s a word for that: traitor.

Yes, jobs may very well be created by business. But it’s sad that so many are Mcjobs: mostly part time, not paying a living wage, or worst of all, a zero hours contract. And that’s all people can get, and so still have to go through the humiliation of claiming benefits to top up the wages.

If it’s anti-business to want better worker rights, better pay, better terms and conditions, an end to zero hours contracts and an end to the obscene salaries of CEOs, then I’m anti-business. And what’s more, I’m proud of it.


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