Road Ahead Closed

A poem from last year. A bit rough and self-pitying, but “it’s how I felt at the time”.

We didn’t agree
To close the road between us:
It was your decision
No words of mine could change,
No entreaty could pass
Your stopped ears, and I,
The defeated state,
Had to accede.

You wanted a different road,
Narrow, pot-holed and twisted
Fit only for occasional use and
Subject to entry clearance.
Those were your terms,
And I, the defeated state
Had to accede.

If that’s the only choice I have,
I’d rather have no road at all.
Defeated yes, but alive,
I’ll find another road,
Build a new one if I have to,
Alone, I’ll accede no more.


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2 Responses to “Road Ahead Closed”

  1. Colin Smith Says:

    Great poem. I am sure many of us have been in the same situation and had the same feelings.

    Where are you working at the moment?

    I have not been on any rail trips for a while. The last time I used the train was September when I went up to Edinburgh for the day (managed to get 30% off from Virgin online). I am hoping to travel more as the weather improves.

    Do you keep in touch with many people at Stoke Council?


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