The Living Wage, How Does It Work?

The campaign for a living wage is one I support. Too many employers are allowed to get away with paying workers poverty wages. What I don’t understand is how it can be set at a set figure, so one size has to fit all. If it was say £7.50/hr for areas outside London, how would that work? It might be enough for a single person in a council flat, but how could it fit with someone who has children or who lives in expensive private rented accommodation (and let’s face it, it’s all expensive). Shouldn’t it really be set at a level where someone can support themselves without having to claim benefits?

If your wage is sufficiently low that you have to claim benefits (like tax credits if HB) in order to make ends meet, then it’s not a living wage is it?


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One Response to “The Living Wage, How Does It Work?”

  1. Bill Farley Says:

    For the U.S., MIT has built a model that cant estimate the living wage in each community.

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