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Brexit: Grow Up and Stop Scaremongering.


The main problem with the whole referendum “debate” is that both sides are resorting to scaremongering, distortion and outright lies. This is dishonest and dishonours the whole process. It’s far to serious and important and issue to be trivialised by such juvenile tactics.

If, as I suspect, we vote to remain “in”, it will because people have believed the scare stories and decided “better the devil you know” rather than at least trying to make an informed choice. I’ve done my best to do so, and have made up my mind as to how I’ll be voting.

A plague o’both houses.

I’m certainly no fan of Gove (quite the reverse!), but this is one of the few reasoned arguments I’ve seen from the Leave Camp:

This classic from Tony Benn:

Sargon of Akkad’s critique of Project Fear:

Boris’ Brexit Lies:


The Myth of Choice


Education has been a political football for decades. Successive governments have constantly interfered, and all have blamed hard working teachers for their own policy failures. They have been aided in this by their unaccountable liebstandarte, Ofsted.

The current incumbent, Michael Gove, seems to be the worst yet. For all the politicians’ trumpeting the idea of “choice”, he ignores it whenever it’s inconvenient. Take the recent case of a London school turned into an academy: Despite 96% of parents being opposed to the move, Gove forced it through anyway. (See Twitter link above). You can have as much choice as you want as long as you agree with me. The Henry Ford school of education.

This makes it clear that it has nothing whatever to do with parental choice. It’s yet another example of this government’s unstated policy of dismantling the public sector and privatising what remains. Academy schools are outside local council control, and are therefore accountable to noone, except perhaps the shareholders of the sponsoring businesses.

I for one do not want my public services run by a business or for private profit, and I want them free from political interference. Regulators must also act in a fair and impartial way. It is high time teachers were praised and supported for the hard work they do, not demonised for the incompetance of politicians.

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